Rapid Tester

Flash Point Testing:

Quality Assurance; Compliance Testing; Fuel Dilution

Product Datasheet

Quality Assurance – Verify the formulation of liquid products with flammable ingredients. Compliance Testing – Often required by regulatory agencies before transport or disposal of liquids. Fuel Dilution – Determine the relative percentage of fuel in engine crank case oil to forecast the need for engine rebuilding.

Fast Test-Small Sample

Test time is only one minute with a 2 ml sample for flash points below 100°C (212°F). You can run ten tests with the Rapid Tester® in the time that it takes to perform just one by other methods. The 2 ml/4 ml sample is a fraction of the large sample required by other flash point methods. This reduces sampling and disposal problems while improving safety. Digital circuitry permits simple adjustment and precise automatic regulation of test temperatures. Depress the Preset switch while turning the Temperature Control knob until the target temperature is displayed. Test cup temperature is automatically shown on the LCD display.

Two Models

Closed cup models are used for flash point testing (RT 01). The Rapid Tester® Open Cup Model RT-02 is used for combustibility testing.

Follow these 3 simple steps for fast, accurate flash point values:

Compare Results

Independent laboratory testing has demonstrated that the ASTM D 3828 test method utilized by the Rapid Tester® correlates well with other flash point methods. In ASTM D-2 Round Robin testing it was found that the ASTM D 3828 test method has the following correlation coefficients: D 3828 (Rapid Tester®) vs. D 56 (Tag) = 0.9949 D 3828 (Rapid Tester®) vs. D 93 (Pensky-Martens) = 0.9943 D 56 vs. D 93 = 0.9926

The Rapid Tester® is a semiautomatic instrument for determining the flash point temperature/combustibility of flammable liquids. Closed cup test temperatures from ambient to 572°F (300°C) are automatically controlled by the digitally preset target temperature circuitry. Integral LCD display, NIST traceable thermometer, disposable fuel tank and electronic timer are standard.

In accordance with:

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